Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at The Little Academy is "I am! I can!" is to strengthen the feeling among learners and make them believe that they are able to do anything. Our goal is to help the learners develop into confident and competent human beings. We will encourage them to think creatively and use all their senses in every facet of learning

"I am! I can!" will help learners grow in the five areas of human growth and development, namely physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cultural.

We believe that languages are our windows to the world. The learners’ mother tongue is their heritage and instills pride in the learner. Being a bilingual school gives support and importance to enhance the learners’ language skills in order to communicate globally.

Learning at TLA will always be fun with a purpose. The learners will have the experiences that are necessary to make the lessons memorable. Learners will be actively involved with their environment and in the learning process.

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